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  • Learn strategies and business secrets of building a portfolio of profitable customers.
  • Be on the top of your spirits to get recommended by your customers every single time somebody seeks a recommendation in your area of service.
  • Bring fundamental changes to the way your business operates. Change the belief system on which the entire perception is created.
  • Learn sure shot ways to stay visible and connected with your Past - Present - Future customers.
  • Get the insights,  strategies and tools you

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How to ensure that your CRM implimentation is a success – Top Mistakes to avoid

30% to 60% of the CRM projects fail! Here’s our attempt to help you overcome the challenges and work on a solution. Organizations implement it as software tool not a process or solution. Define the vision and goals for CRM implementation clearly. Several organizations implement only a few processes to solve immediate/ short term challenges. Hence it […]

12 lead management strategies that your business must adopt

The efforts to improve lead management process will be the most profitable initiative for the sales department. Distribute your leads quickly and respond quickly – address requirement within 48 hours. Collect maximum information from each prospect and build intelligence effectively.

How to design and Implement a Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program?

Define the objectives of running a Customer Satisfaction Measurement program. Identificatify customer priorities and learn about the customer’s tolerance band. Develop design flows from the stated objectives. Acquiring true “customer satisfaction” is an organization’s ability to attract & retain customers and build superior customer relationship. It is not that simple!